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Sony DSC-HX60V Review John Sison

In this review I take a look at the replacement of the dsc-HX50V, the dsc-HX60V. If youre in the market for a travel camera with a lot of zoom, this may be the...

Sony Cyber-shot HX60V Review

Subscribe for more tech videos. Sony Cyber-shot HX60V review Versatile and highly capable, theres more to this tiny camera than its giant zoom The camera...

Canon G7X vs. Sony RX100 MK III Shootout

Canon dominated the high end compact market for years with their G and S series cameras. In the last two years, however, Sony...

Sony Cybershot HX60V hands-on

Sony Cybershot HX60V hands-on. Sony cameras have started 2014 with a bang and a slew of new compacts, the HX60V comes with 30 x times optical zoom,...

Unboxing the Sony DSC-HX60V John Sison

I take a look at what is inside the box of the Sonys newest travel camera, the dsc-HX60. Sporting gps, WiFi, nfc and a whole lot of other features, its going to...

Canon S120 vs Sony RX100

Check out this review and other camera reviews on my blog:

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC HX60V HX60 Feature Movie

Sony HX60 HX60V.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX60V Test (2/4): Kamera Hands On

Kamera Hands On.

Sony HX60V Product Preview

Its hard to beat the Sony HC60Vs 30x optical zoom, wicked set of creative filters, picture quality, and practical build. Take at a look at exactly what you can do...

Sony DSC- RX100 HX60V HX50V HX300 WX300 video audio test

comparing the video audio quality of the Sony RX100 HX60 HX50 HX300 WX300 All on the highest video setting in full auto.