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Make Your Own USB-Y Cable

A tutorial on how to make your own usb-Y cable. This can be used to GoldCard your phone.

Wii U USB Y Cable for Self-Powered External HDD issue

As some of you may already know, certain usb self-powered external hard drive might not run stably with the Wii U due to lack of power in one usb port.

Industrial IoT - Valarm Samsung Galaxy S3 USB OTG Charging Y Cable Demo (External Sensors)

Update: This video is from our legacy Android app! Valarm is Industrial IoT. We recommend you use dedicated Valarm connector devices, like WiFi or gsm...

How to make a USB Y cable for host mode on HP TouchPad or Android

Instructions on how to build a usb y cable to use your HP TouchPad as a usb host, for keyboards, usb sticks, or camera sd cards. This cable should work with any...

DIY USB OTG with power Y cable

Connect your Portable Hard Drive to your otg enabled android Phone or Tablet by using a power bank or a charger with 5v 1A output to power it up.

Hazlo tu Mismo! Cable USB 2.0 Y Doble para Disco Duro Externo Wii U HDD

El video muestra como hacer un cable usb Y para conectar cualquier disco duro externo usb al Wii U.

What Can Smart F118 OTG Y-Cable Do? -

Link to You only need one cable with you, thats the Smart F118 otg Y-Cable! 1, usb extension cable features: Connect NB PC (usb A)...

BMW Integration of an USB Y-Cable

In this video, learn how to integrate an external music device via a Y-Cable. ConnectedDrive features and set-up processes vary for each vehicle. Please contact...

USB 3.0 Y cable 32212 (640x480).mp4

usb 3.0 Y-Cable converts usb 3.0 standard A Male to usb 3.0 Micro-B Male connector. An additional usb...

Cable Sata a Usb y Clonacion de Disco

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