Son et lumiere fischli weiss - 3g Orange
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Fischli/Weiss - Son et Lumière (1990)

Aufgenommen im Kunsthaus Zürich, 5. Juni 2007.

Peter FISCHLI & David WEISS, Der Lauf Der Dinge, 1987

U-matic, pal, couleur, son Der Lauf Der Dinge est un film expérimental suisse réalisé en 1987 par Peter Fischli et David Weiss et sorti en 1988.


Buy dvd: In Fischli and Weiss first film together, a rat and a bear are out to make a lot of money in the Los...

Fischli Weiss - The Way Things Go

Fischli and Weiss THE RIGHT WAY

In the right way, friendship is once again put to the test as rat and bear go hiking in the open, as-it-were unspoiled countryside, at the mercy of the elements...

Peter Fischli and David Weiss - Büsi AKA Kitty (2001)

One of the most enduring and endearing aspects of the work of Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss is how it exhibits their fondness for everyday things.

Son et Lumiere Teaser

Coming Soon to Haberfield Public School.

Der Lauf der Dingen ( Schnittke)

Der Lauf der Dingen (Fischli fast motion) Gogol Suite, iii mov. (Alfred Schnittke, 1980) This version of Der Lauf Der Dinge is 4x faster than the...

1987 Dailymotion Fischli Weiss - The Way Things Go - a Arts video.

Cog film Created in 1987, considerably earlier than Hondas advert which won awards.


A hike in the woods...